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Our everyday job; saving animals at high risk

No camera, no publicity just everyday rescue work! Meet Maddie…this little girl was going to be euthanized at 3 months old; she was not growing normally and was not listening. We were able to intercept her.

At first we could see that the pup was malnourished and had iron deficiency. Upon further observation we could tell that our baby girl was deaf. Days later Maddie started seizing and was rushed to emergency where she was stabilized and put on Phenobarbital. For months she did well until she had a grand seizure that robbed her of her sight. Not only deaf but blind!

We made the decision to take her to Michigan State Veterinary Center where after days of intensive care they were able to reduce the swelling in the brain so she was able to regain her sight. Maddie was put on a two medications that have helped her, she is growing beautifully and is a very happy, loving girl. Unfortunately Maddie’s medical bills at Michigan State were $3200 and her monthly medicine runs us $200 so we could really use some help to pay her bills.

Kisses from our Maddie girl are priceless. If you would like to donate toward Maddie’s care, please click the button at the top of our website to make a donation via PayPal with your credit card. You’ll feel happy to have a part in ensuring this young pup is able to have a long life in a loving home!

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