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Can you see me now? The Black Dog Syndrome

Black dogs are usually the hardest ones to place in a new adoptive home. In a Petfinder survey, shelter and rescue groups reported that most pets are listed for 12.5 weeks, whereas, black dogs spend almost four times as long on the site waiting to be adopted.

Research indicates that Black Dog Syndrome may be caused by a combination of: size, unclear facial features, dimly lit kennels, the generic appearance of black pets, and negative portrayals of black pets in books, movies and other popular media

How you can help:

Make sure to exhibit your love of black dogs proudly, encourage friends to look past their assumptions about black pets, educate people about Black Dog Syndrome (its generally an unconscious prejudice and most people will most past it once they’ve been made aware), and remind people that a dog’s personality is much more important than its appearance

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