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Sammie Needs Treatment to save Her Life!

When we as an organization reach out for donations for a particular dog we have to weigh out a lot of options along with the prognosis for that dog. Sammie has far exceeded those guidelines; her age 3 ½ yrs, she has a loving foster who will care for her, she responds well to treatment, her diagnostic tests are normal, organs functioning normal. With this surgery Sammie would be able to stay in remission and to continue to live a happy normal live. To ensure the best possible result for the removal of the isolated mass cell tumor her surgery has been scheduled for February 15, 2012.

Sammies’s Story:

Sammie is a very sweet brindle Pit mix who was found abandoned at Rouge park in Detroit about almost 2 years ago by our Director in the midst of one of the harshest Winter snow storms Detroit had seen in a very long time.  She was VERY thin and VERY pregnant, but we got her a good foster home, some healthy food, medical care, and lots of love, and she soon delivered 8 healthy pups who have all since been adopted.

Sammie has remained with her foster mom while we worked to find her a ‘forever’ home.  In that time, she has become quite a happy, loving, playful dog who has made friends with all the other foster dogs living in the house, and has developed into quite a cuddler who loves nothing better than curling up next to Mom on the couch or the bed.  She loves to chase balls, and chase the other dogs around the big yard and her tail never stops wagging!

Unfortunately, Sammie has recently been diagnosed with cancer and she needs immediate surgery (February 15, 2012) to have a isolated malignant tumor removed. Sammie’s foster Mom is paying for as much of her treatment as she can afford, unfortunately, her resources are limited. And because of the large number of rescued dogs currently in our care, we at Make A Difference Rescue are also currently without financial means to get Sammie the surgery she quickly needs to prevent the cancer from spreading.  Therefore, we’re turning to you, our wonderful readers, in the hope that you will find it in your hearts to donate toward Sammie’s treatment. Whatever you can afford will help, be it $5, $50, or $500 and we will happily accept your gift on Sammie’s behalf (and it’s tax deductible since we’re a non-profit so we will be happy to provide a receipt for your tax records). Remember small change can Make A Big Difference.

If you can assist us financially in our urgent effort to save Sammie’s life, we have several convenient options if you can assist us financially in our urgent effort to save Sammie’s life.

  • PayPal account via our Facebook Fan Page
  • Email us directly at MakeADifferenceRescue@gmail.com with an amount you would like to donate and we will invoice you so you can can pay with credit card directly to PayPal .
  • Make a donation directly to: the Animal Cancer & Imaging Center 734-459-6040, – When calling please tell them the donation is for the “Popeye Animal Fundation for Sammie” this is tax deductiable, they will mail you a receipt.

Attached is the estimate from Animal Cancer & Imaging Center.

Sammie deserves to have a much longer, happy life after all she’s had to endure.  With your help, we want to make sure she gets that chance!  Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.

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2 Responses to Sammie Needs Treatment to save Her Life!

  1. Please find this beautiful girl a home….she knows …look at her eyes…:)

    • MAD Rescue says:

      Zanne –

      Not to worry, Sammie has a home, her foster mom is keeping her; foster mom adores her and the feeling is mutual. We just need help raising funds to get her the medical care to save her life. Thank you for your compassion for Sammie, please pass the word that we can definitely use contributions toward her current and on-going medical care needs. We would appreciate you sharing a link to the blog article.

      Make a Difference Rescue

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