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Carolyn Hax: Watch how owners treat pit bull pup

Jul 24, 11 • Animal Information1 CommentRead More »

Hi Carolyn: I live on a street with a large number of young children. One family recently bought a new puppy pit bull. Now several of us are worried about letting our children play freely on the street, since pit bulls can attack without provocation. Any advice? — Neighbors Bought a Pit Bull

Dear Neighbors of Pit Bull: Yes: Inform yourselves about pit bulls. Heck, about dogs: Just about any dog can hurt a small child, badly.

Dogs don’t “attack without provocation” unless they have temperament problems. Otherwise, dogs who bite give all kinds of signs that they’re going to defend themselves or their people. Many people ignore/are ignorant of those signs and so they continue the behavior that provokes the dog — or, the owners don’t know anything about dogs and don’t train or handle them safely. Again, this is all dogs, not just pit bulls.

Unfortunately, pit bulls fell in disproportionate numbers into the hands of idiots, posers and thugs, people who have no business having pets, much less powerful dogs.

The pit bull is not the most dangerous breed out there. What is? Trick question: The most dangerous dog is one that has irresponsible owners and is big enough to kill.

Ever see “Our Gang/Little Rascals”? The dog, Petey, is a pit. Their nickname in the past was “the nanny” because they were known as great family dogs. They still are, by a dedicated population of defenders.

Do not fear this dog unless you have cause to fear the neighbors. Is the dog spayed or neutered, trained, never chained, walked/exercised regularly and otherwise supervised — all just as good for dogs as for neighbors? Are the neighborhood kids taught how to interact with dogs?

Hysteria is no way to protect children from anything. When you feel threatened by something, seek knowledge first, then seek a remedy, if you even need one after you have the facts.

Dear Carolyn: Re: Pit bull bullies: It took a conscious effort on my part to learn about pit bulls when a roommate decided to get not one but two! These dogs ended up being the kindest, most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever been around. My roommate also had a 3-year-old daughter.

“Neighbors” needs to teach her children about how to approach a dog and what a dog means by its body languages. — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous: Absolutely. Also, anyone curious about pit bulls should check out what became of the Michael Vick pit bulls. Educational and inspiring.

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One Response to Carolyn Hax: Watch how owners treat pit bull pup

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a pit as well and she is the kindest most lovable dog you will ever meet! She is awesome with strangers ,children, even cats and other animals. I have no dought though if she feels her family or property were in danger that she would defend them, but what dog wouldn’t? We need to educate the public, as it is said in the previous comment, any dog can be dangerous it is not the breed but the factors that caused this animal to bite. Unfortunately the pit bull is getting a bad rap due to the press and the public not being educated!

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