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Our Latest Rescue & Her New Puppies!

Nan is a very sweet Catahoula that we are rescuing from a shelter where she was due to be gassed.  Before we could get her from transport (they were due to leave for Michigan today) she went into labor last night.

Nan is now the proud new mom of 8 beautiful, healthy puppies!  We can’t wait til they’re all ready to join us in Michigan!  We’re sure we can find wonderful homes for Nan and her puppies, so none of the puppies will ever have to live the life of fear that Nan experienced – and Nan will never have to go thru it again.

Here’s a link to a video of the birth of Pup #6 (kind of dark, sorry!).

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Nan and her 2 week-old puppies are finally arriving on 6/3/11 so we are desparately in need of a foster home for them in the Metro Detroit area! If you, or someone you know is willing to assist, please contact us ASAP at MakeADifferenceRescue@gmail.com .

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