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Animals & Foster Family Badly Hurt in Housefire; Help Desparately Needed

One animal rescue to another, we want to pass along this story of a rescue in dire need of emergency funds to help animals who were horribly hurt in a fire at their foster home.  The foster family made extremely courageous efforts to save them and did all they could, but now funds are needed to pay for extensive vet care.  Please help as much as you are able!


As most of you know, I volunteer for a rescue group. Take My Paw Rescue.

It is with great sadness that we have lost some dogs, cats, and puppies yesterday.  One of our Foster/volunteers had a house fire.  In the wee hours of the morning her husband woke her up yelling that there was a fire.

The wife is the one that volunteers for Take My Paw Rescue. In only her tee shirt and underwear she started trying to get all of the animals out of the house.  Opening up cages, trying to gather the ones that were loose in the house.  Her husband trying right along with her to get the animals outside to safety.

We just did a transport last week, saving puppies from a kill shelter.  She had taken in about 13 puppies to foster and get adopted out, These are in addition to her personal animals.  She had the puppies on one side of the house in a huge room she calls her cat room.  That room she keeps her kitties in also.

While she was at one end of the house trying to get all the dogs she could out, her husband decided to go outside by the kitty room.  They had a door wall there.  He opened it up and tried pulling one of the puppy pens out with the pups in it.  We do not know if he was successful in saving any in that pen.  He received burns on his hands from trying to rescue them.  He inhaled smoke and god only knows what else trying to save them.

He was air lifted to Ann Arbor, he is on a respirator.  We are waiting word on his condition.  The wife refused treatment because she wanted to stay and see to all the animals that were left alive.  She finally agreed to go only after all the animals were either at the vet or housed in a kennel and safe.  She is being checked out for possible heart attack, carbon monoxide poisoning and other threatening things that happen to you when you are in a fire. 

The wife told me after the fire that she kept going back in trying to save as many as she could.  She said that she collapsed and couldn’t physically do it anymore. 

There were three puppies taken to the neighbor’s house and our volunteers took them to the local emergency Vet clinic.

Two of the little puppies, although burned and in obvious pain were wagging their little tails when someone talked to them.

The vet was overwhelmed with the need of oxygen for them all.  We were required to take them to two different emergency vets.  Our own vet that the rescue works with stabilized them before we had to transport them again. 

The 3 puppies and the small dog went to one and the Pit Bull and the kitty went to another. 

As of this e-mail the Pit Bull may come home tomorrow.  He is in good condition.  The kitty didn’t fair as well.  She requires days at the vet.  Her feet are burned and she will need medicine and oxygen. 

The dogs at the other vet are another story.  The little dog will be fine after being on oxygen for about 24 hours and will be coming to my house (he is a ‘special needs’ dog who has seizures).

Here is the hardest part.  The three puppies.  They are only 6 or 7 weeks old.  They are hanging on.  Pup number one has burns on probably 60% or 70% of its little body.  Mostly on it underbelly where it is the worst.  Pup number two has burns on the face, back, lower legs and feet.  Pup number two is in bad shape.  Pup number three is fairing better than the other two.  This pup is burned also, not as bad but still life threatening. 

The first vet we took the puppies to had to place a crying screaming puppy into the hands of another volunteer so she could rush it to another emergency vet.  This was pup number one.  Her husband drove while she cradled the puppy in a towel on it’s back because his little belly and under his legs were are so badly burned she couldn’t hold his body normally.   

The reason I am telling all of you this is because we are in need of donations. We, as a rescue, rely on the generosity of the general public.  We are looking for donations to help with the vet bills for these poor babies.  We are also looking for donations for the kenneling of so many animals that survived. 

Our website is www.takemypaw.org.  If anyone would like to donate please go there and go to our donate tab.  There you will be directed to our Paypal site.  Please pass this along to all your family and friends.  Please ask them to pass this along to all of theirs.  We are a non-profit rescue and anything we receive goes back into the care of our rescued animals.

The husband and wife are being taken care of by the Red Cross, family, and friends as far as material things needed right now.

I wanted to send out a plea for the benefit of the dogs, puppies and cat that have survived this horrific tragedy.

We lost 10 puppies, 5 adult dogs, and 8 cats to the fire. We know that they are resting peacefully in heaven. 

The husband and the three little puppies are the ones that are in need.  They are the ones that are in danger now.  Please say a little prayer for the husband and wife and also for the puppies that are so badly burned.  Any contribution is appreciated. 

Thank You

Chris Wozniak

Take My Paw Rescue – foster/volunteer

(local article on the fire:  http://whmi.com/news/article/11505  )

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  3. Melissa says:

    This is horrible what has happened. I want to help but I can’t afford to donate money right now but I would like to help by being a volunteer. Maybe taking in the dogs to help them recover. Let me know please.

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